BCG Academia provides students with an option to study under the
-Cambridge Assessment International Education, UK (IGCSE) or
- Maharashtra State Board Secondary School Certificate (SSC)
With our highly trained teachers and over 25 years of educational research and refined methodology, we ensure that each student is able to maximize their academic potential.
Bombay Cambridge Gurukul schools believe in setting high educational standards for their students.
With high quality teaching and spectacular results, students can choose their course of Study.

Since 1988
First to introduce:
  • Stress Free Education
  • Learning by doing
  • Formal exams from class 5
  • Competitive events from class 5
  • 100% participation
  • Worksheets
  • Computer Education
  • Counselling
  • Career Guidance
  • SEL curriculum

Gurukul Kindergarten

In Gurukul Kindergarten our school offers both the Cambridge Assessment International Education and the State Secondary Certificate (SSC) curriculum.


Here, at Gurukul International Kindergarten, we take the approach that each child is unique, with special talents and abilities and an individual learning style.
The EYFS or Early Years Foundation Stage sets high standards for inclusive learning and development of children in pre-school years. The cognitive development of the child is highest during these formative years, and the curriculum has been effectively designed to make sure children get to the next stage of learning with confidence.
Our Prep classes offer a safe and caring learning environment, which promotes age appropriate and all-round development. More importantly, students are prepared with the right attitude to learning that will ensure success in mastering the world-class content of the Cambridge course.


In the early years program at Gurukul Kindergarten we believe in learners’ all round development. Kindergarten experiences develop in the child a world view that guides his/her future interaction with the physical and social world, thus we believe in providing a home-like environment so as to put the children at ease. The curriculum fosters their social skills, creativity and confidence and helps them learn crucial emotional and self-management skills. The warm and caring environment of GKG keeps in mind and provides its students an all-round educational plan that is:

  • Age appropriate
  • Free of stress
  • Developmentally conscious

The curriculum is based on the best amalgamation of Western research in Child Psychology and the cultural pattern of our Indian Heritage. A dedicated team of professional teachers make learning fun for children and our students look forward to come to school every day.