Alumni Social 2018

The weekend rekindled many memories of 140 alumni who attended the alumni social. Few alumni shared their experiences and moments of their school life. The Inaugural session was followed by cultural programme by our alumni. Comperers made the evening very lively with light questions and answers. Few Alumni performed during the evening and mesmerized all with their display and won over hearts of many. Performances were electrifying and made alumni to lead back to nostalgic days of past, with the thunderous applause by the students reviberating the school premise. The faculty of VBSIS interacted with the former students, congratulating their achievements and wishing them luck.The whole ambience was sparkling with happy faces, enjoying food, friends and reminiscence followed by our Principal, Ms. Monica Bhatia's sincere appreciation to all the alumni for their presence wherein Ma'am mentioned that she was moved to see the spirit of alumni. She further highlighted the achievements of the school and its journey from inception till now. Couple of alumni mentioned how much they appreciated being in the school and how much this reunion meant to them. The first alumni meet witnessed the active involvement of the alumni, and a number of commendable suggestions and proposals came up. It was decided to strengthen the link between the current VBSIS students and alumni for their support in the area of training, career counseling and any other help. The alumni sincerely expressed their gratitude to the beloved Principal and staff for making this event a grand success. A few snaps uploaded will enlighten everyone and hope for another reunion shortly.