BCG Centre for CARE (Counselling and Remedial Education)

The BCG Centre for CARE is well equipped with professionally qualified Counsellors and Special Educators. The Counselling and Remedial Education services are facilitated by the Head - Centre for CARE.

As children grow and adapt to an ever changing environment, whether it be at home or in the school, they constantly face new challenges. These new challenges may impact them physically, mentally, emotionally or socially. When any of these areas are impacted or the equilibrium in any of these areas is disturbed, it may manifest itself in the form of behaviour issues, emotional disturbance, or learning or academic difficulties in the child.

Counsellors at the Centre for CARE provide appropriate psychological services to students that address educational, social, emotional and behavioral needs.

Special Educators provide specialized remedial interventions for students who encounter difficulties with learning, language issues, difficulties with Math and academic adjustment.

The professionals work collaboratively with families, related professionals, and external agencies within the principles of a promotion, prevention and early intervention framework. This helps the child as he/she learns how to cope with difficulties. It also builds in them a healthy attitude, an empowered approach to life situations, and key skills for future success.

The Centre for CARE also conducts certain awareness or preventive programs for students, like Cyber Safety, Impact of Substance Abuse, student workshops and Life Skills Programs for each class. Career Awareness Programs and Vocational Guidance Programs are organized for students of class 9 and 10.